Life Sucks

Desires in my heart do congeal into thee.

Falsified, my faith faltering,

and I am justly flogged for thee.

Unbeknownst, my love song falls on deaf ears,

trips over, and dies without tears.

My eros, it pants for breath, every fucking time

it sees your long black hairs.

y'all don't know what's inside of me -

not one of y'all!

positively excruciating, and besides,


y'all have NO IDEA

and what does that make me?

the ever so quizzical man of honor who never took a fucking break out to lunch worked all day had no life got trapped in a never-ending never-pleasing never-rewarding job that sucked

and what does that make me?

an average agent of Free Will that reacted to simuli showed no remorse gave no shit about treating people like shit came to Epiphany gone to church sat on the seat of self-righteousness and sulked


ha ha

and what does that make me?

On a moonless night the protagonist walked amidst the flowers of love-labor and came face-to-face with a


On a early Spring Sunday morning that smelled of daisies our hero woke up with a start to a

no, wait, wait

On the perfect autumn day of leafs and gentle winds; from the deeply fortified underground fortress; with weapons of mass destruction

a lone mad man knew he had a


fucking hangover


10/16/2002 01:02:39

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