Wow, it's been more than three years since I last updated - hehehe, well this time I put two of my oldest compositions from Syosset High School days. Quartet in C Minor(1993) and Quintet for Strings and Flutes(1994)


Wow, it's been more than one year since I updated - the reason is of course, I met the love of my life, Sunhee, and got married :)  Please view our wedding pictures here!!!


Found an old song from exactly Five Years Ago!!!   "Traveler's Sigh" from 10/28/2000.  It was recorded via a tape recorder in Columbia's Philosophy Building Study Room. 

Ihouse's Salon Ninght was great tonight - Wang sisters played "Recuerdos: Three Latin American Dances" by William Bolcom.


Still stressed, but learning to deal with it.  Good thing that came from it is yet another song - "StormyDay".


Wednesday - today is a good day, recorded my first song of 2005 - "Uncertainty".  Which of course reflects my emotional state while looking for a new job and possibly changing career.......


Good grief another 2 month without updating this site/blog!  Well, you will be happy to note that I have had 2 more poems added to the Poems page.  They were even Chinese!!! 


Happy New Year!!  Well, I have been traveling, and too tired to update after I came back on 1/9/05.  Will put up pictures shortly - hopefully.  for now I will content with a new Haiku section(to the right under My Writings)


Yay!  Finished a "real"(non-improvised) piano song - called "WarLove", it's the first one I have done since 3/2004, please check it out at the Piano Recordings section.


Updated "My Music" section - now have a "Piano Recordings" page that has my comments on the music I recorded.  Next up is the pictures section.......

Finished working on the photobook for Calvin's 4th birthday, www.photoworks.com is pretty good! 


Finished chapter two of "The Msmer Guild".  Wrote Frank Sinatra and Capoeira into this chapter.  Also got my cousin Efram to translate for me some of the Portuguese. 

Ihouse ballroom dancing class was great - Waltz, Fox Trot, and Salsa.


Happily organizing the Hong Kong/Japan trip.  Will be in HK from 12/18 to 12/21, then Japan from 12/22 to 1/7.  Still haven't uploaded my bio and pictures pages, maybe I never will. Hmmm....

Also, busily writing chapter two of "The Mesmer Guild" (working title)  It's about a futuristic society (think cyberpunk) where corporate colonization tramples over human dignity.  You can find chapter one in the "Fiction" link on the right.

Week 6 of Gotham Writers' Guild Science Fiction Writing Class.  Good stuff.



Updated Poems/Songs, Fiction, and Articles sections.  Last Saturday had great fun in Ihouse's Fall Fiesta, took lots of pictures...

Currently re-watching the Japanese drama "Beach Boys" again, wow, to think I first watched this thing 5 years ago.  Time really flys.... like a mad space cowboy.


Ok so I slacked off a while......  since 3/04 I've gone to Taiwan once, London twice, and passed CAIA level 1.  Tonight went to Ihouse for Barbecue...indoors.   What else.... my elementary school classmates George and Jennifer got married in Taiwan and are now in Columbia.  This weekend there'll be one more wedding, which makes it the sixth in the past 9 months.  Oh YEAH - if you are a current/incoming seminary student please check out my scholarship in the link to the right "Shepherds and Defenders Foundation".  It is a $1000 scholarship and deadline is 9/30/04.


Saw "Battle Royal" tonight in Ihouse, very hard to understand, very gory. Added Poems/Songs page with a poem and a Chinese song, check them out!


GREAT Salon Night tonight at Ihouse.  Really loved the Dvorak Romance op.11.  Updated the special music@davidli.com email address, let me know what you think about my music!


Yes!  Finally a new look - in progress, but new nevertheless, and change is GOOD.

Please check out my music section where you can download my classical improvisational piano sessions in mp3 format.

You can find the (really, really) old page here.

Next steps - update the writings and pictures sections.

Thank you for visiting my page!

David Li



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